Translation service providing companies are one of the highly demanded services nowadays. Thanks to the increasing globalization and diversification. Businesses have started diversifying their operations in foreign countries. For smooth functioning, they require to understand and effectively communicate with their clients as well as their employees. However, there different types of translation services for different purposes. Keep reading on to know more about them!

Translation Service

Technical Translation

As the name suggests, technical translation is a form of translation used to translate instructions leaflets, user manuals, internal notes, financial reports, medical transactions, administrative terms, minutes of meetings, and so on. The translators focus on translating the IT, industrial, engineering, and mechanical terms for the client.

Scientific Translation

This is a type of translation that is associated with scientific papers, thesis, presentations, congress booklets, study reports, presentations, articles, and so on. Companies dealing in the scientific domain hire these types of translation service providers.

Financial Translation

This deals with the translation of documents pertaining to finance, accounts, banking, stock exchange, etc. The translators are responsible to handle financial statements, annual reports, financing packages, financial contracts, and so on.

Judicial Translation

It refers to the functions undertaken in a courtroom setting. Judicial translators are responsible to handle documents like minutes of proceedings, expert opinions, agenda of interrogation sessions, judgment, legal letters, and many more.

Legal Translation

This is one of the most popular types of translation services offered by experts. They offer services in translating legal documents like warrants and summons, technical documents, remittance drafts and corporate statutes, registration certificates, expert opinion, and many more. The texts meant for judicial purposes are considered under this type of translation service.

Juridical Translation

It refers to the translation of legally-binding documents. Documents related to regulations, laws, and decrees, labour contracts, sales & purchase terms and conditions, commercial contracts and licenses, conventions and protocols, insurance policies, accords, partnership deed, bail assurance, insurance policies, etc.

Apart from this certified translator is the one who handles legally binding documents and has received a legal validation. It is compulsory for a certified translator to put his signature in order to authenticate any official translations handled by him or her. These translators often function in courtrooms in the capacity of the juridical translator, legal expert, civil documentation, divorce settlements, wills, and deceases. Choose the language translation services in Kolkata wisely according to your business needs.

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