Call for linguists (5)

Hey folks, wish all of you had a great beginning of the new year.
I could not post last time due to some issues, but well, here we are now.
Now, picking up from where we left last time.
The five levels of the Japanese language proficiency pyramid, right?

Now, before I feed you with information, let me just say this one thing. It’s fine if you are studying Japanese simply for fun, because you like anime, or that you want to be able to understand the language without the subtitles or know more about the Japanese culture. That is what, in the long run, will keep you motivated, and when the going gets tough, it will help you to hang on to studying the language with your dear life.
The more you advance, the vaster will the world become, so yes, the going does get tougher at the advanced levels of learning, but well if it doesn’t, then you are a genius, and that’s perfectly fine. But, if you are not one, then welcome to my club.
However, you should make your own schedule for studying and make sure to follow it through. Remember, this is a language, so your brains and instincts need to be able to assimilate the knowledge you acquire, and it takes time, so, do not think this is your school or college exams and start studying only a month before. Believe me, it is going to hit you hard if you did that. Study it slow but steady.
See, the logic is simple. It is not about passing, no. It is about mastering the language. The language certification is simply a formal validation of your language prowess. So, take it seriously. It would help you yourself, to understand your comprehension of the language. Marks matter little, but it is also a signifier of how much you understand the subject. So well, we must do it well, right?
So, five levels of the Japanese language proficiency pyramid? Coming up in the next post.

This article will continue over in the 6th February post.


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