Call for linguists (3)

Hi guys, back for some more.

I hope you guys did some researching during this interval. Have you studied up on the internet about the stuff I had mentioned in the previous articles? Know your options now?

No? Just do it for the fun of it, ok? Knowledge is power. You would do yourselves a charity if you knew what paths you could take in the future. The clock is ticking. If you are looking for a future with the Japanese language, then get started on it right now.


Got a goal?

No? No worries. We don’t have to make it so boring.

Let’s take it easy.

First, try and figure out what got you into Japanese?

Japanese culture, movies, animes, mangas, the language itself? Whatever it is, it would be your driving force for learning the language. Remember, studying the Japanese language is not exactly what you call easy……well, it is still a subjective issue. But just in general, it is a hard language to master. It would take you a lot of time and effort.

And so, what would keep you going through all those hours of studying?

Your passion for that certain something that got you into wanting to learn the language in the first place.

If you want to master something, you got to have to like it.

So, figure out that for yourself.

If you are just doing for the fun of it, that is perfectly fine too. I too had started learning the language just so that I could read Japanese novels.

Think of it as a normal study curriculum that you need to follow daily, and it is bound to become boring. So, connect that thing that got you into Japanese, with your learning the language, and you would be cruising. Because you know, you would be doing something for the sake of your hobby, right? Sounds fun?


This article will continue over in the 6th October post.


Agnishwar Choudhury, Author


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