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The relationships between Japan and India are ever-growing, and it is even more so in the corporate/business sector. Language connects us, also separates us. It can rightly be said that translation is that bridge that connects two worlds. After all, you cannot make a deal if you do not understand it.

Language is still a largely neglected sector in India. It is not only about the lack of consciousness among most people, but also the lack of proper counselling and guidance that confuses language students about their possible future paths.

In this era of globalization, where not only private sectors but even public bodies are trying to reach out to more and more people, it has become a race towards multilingualism. Today, it is common to see sites popping up in multilingual formats. There is only one goal behind such a trend – reach out to more people. Market research shows that by 2021, the language sector will generate a whopping 56.18 billion dollars of revenue. Companies are expanding their businesses across nations and governments are reaching out to people of other nations. Trade and commerce have become the lifeline of countries. Everywhere, where distinct and separate cultures meet, language becomes a bottleneck.

Indo-Japanese relations are becoming stronger by the day. In the corporate sector, the Japanese language has become a necessity, and it is not only because of the ever-expanding relations between the two nations. The heavy demand for Japanese linguists stems from the fact that learning Japanese is a challenging task. It is heavy script-based learning of an altogether alien language that bears no resemblance whatsoever with anything we have read or seen before. As much as that is true, it also has plenty of charms that can ensnare you.

The ever-growing need for Japanese linguists in our county is only met with a dearth of supply of human resources. The language industry is humongous. It can offer you so much that by not knowing about this realm, you are missing out on possible life-changing decisions. If you love the language, then think to yourself –

Do I want to work with the language?

If yes, then that is all you need. Start gathering information about what the Japanese language industry looks like. Type “Japanese translation” and start searching. Well, this is how things changed for me.

Continues in the 6th July post.


Agnishwar Choudhury, Author


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